'Creature Feature'

 This is our most popular, for all ages, lasting 50-60 minutes.  Special animal requests are always welcomed!

3 ft. Honduran Milk Snake

8 ft. Albino Burmese Python

4 in. Tarantula, kept caged !

3 in. Red Eyed Tree Frog

12 in. Panther Chameleon

18 in. Blue Tongue Skink

3 ft. Alligator, mouth muzzled!

13 in. Leopard Tortoise

African Grey Parrot

Eclectus Parrot


'Small Wonders'

One for the toddlers & preschoolers, short and simple, lasting 30-40 minutes.

3 ft, Honduran Milk Snake

3 in. Red Eyed Tree Frog

3 in.  Indian Star Tortoise

2 ft. American Alligator, 

12 in. Panther Chameleon

18 in. Blue Tongue Skink(lizard)

Eclectus Parrot, female/red&blue

Eclectus Parrot, male/green

African Grey Parrot



'Herpetology 101'

The world of reptiles and amphibians, all ages to advanced, lasting 50-60 minutes.

4 ft. Brazilian Rainbow Boa

5 ft. Australian Woma Python

9 or 11 ft. Albino Burmese Python

3 in. Indian Star Tortoise

15 in. Leopard Tortoise

18 in. Alligator Snapping Turtle

3 ft. American Alligator

12 in. Panther Chameleon

18 in. Blue Tongue Skink

4.5 ft. Green Iguana

3 in. Red Eyed Tree Frog

'Creepy Crawlies'

Large Invertebrates, kept in tight, clear containers, all ages, lasting 30 minutes. 

1 in. Indian Domino Roach

3 in. Giant Cave Roach

3 in. Madagascar Hissing Roach

4 in. Giant Desert Millipede

8 in. Giant African Millipede

3 in. Desert Hairy Scorpion

4 in. Asian Forest Scorpion

3 in. Red Knee Tarantula

5 in. Golden Knee Tarantula

6 in. Brazilian Bird Eating Tarantula

*Others available on request !

Table Displays/Other Programs

Table Displays work well for events that are not hands-on, but still fun and informational, displaying our animals in enclosed cages, terrariums and our 3 Parrots on large perches.

With the 45+ species that I own and maintain, I always welcome any special animal and program requests.  

Other program themes; 'The Living Rainforest', 'Desert Dwellers',

'Exotic Pet Care', 'Halloween Creepies' & 'World of Snakes'.

Animal Assistance

I am also available to private citizens, animal shelters and police departments to provide assistance in the rehoming and adoption, capture and rescue of exotic animals.