Educational Wildlife Programs

Hands-on programs feature healthy exotic creatures presented closely while information about each animal's natural history, geography and characteristics are interpreted in an age-appropriate manner to groups of all sizes, and we do welcome special requests for program content.




The Creature Feature

Our most popular! A general introduction to the animal world. All ages, 50 minutes

Includes: African Grey Parrot, Mexican Milksnake, large Python, Blue Tongue Skink, Tarantula, large Bullfrog, Chinchilla, Large Spur Thigh Tortoise, three-foot American Alligator

Herpetology 101

The science of cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians. Age seven and up, 50 to 60 minutes.

Includes: European Toad and Giant African Bullfrong, Blue Tongue Skink and Large Green Iguana, Large Snapping Turtle and Leopard Tortoise, Mexican Milk Snake, Albino Burmese Python and 3-1/2-foot American Alligator



Daniel J. Briere
Wildlife Educator

The Little Creatures Co.
PO Box 886
Royal Oak MI 48068




Other Program Topics

Tropical Rainforest, Living Deserts, Snakes Alive, Exotic Pet Care 101, Animal Artifacts (skulls, skins, fur, feathers, eggs, nests, etc.)



Cute & Cuddlies

A great program for pre-schools and daycare centers. Age three and up, 40 minutes.

Includes: Bullfrog, young Painted Turtle, baby Leopard Tortoise, small Snake and Lizard, Baby Alligator, Chinchilla, Ringneck Dove and African Grey Parrot

Creepie Crawlies

Entomology/Bug Science: Learn about these exciting Invertebrates, all ages, 35 minutes.

Includes: Spiders, large Tarantulas, Scorpions, Giant Millipedes, Giant Cave and Hissing Cockroaches*

* Many are venomous and are only shown in sealed, plastic containers.